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Trying something a little different tonight! Updates to come.

I found a cute tutorial for creating your own knitting needles and I really want to try it! How would you decorate yours?


So much is right with this photo.

That sweater dress.

Yesterday I walked into Woolworths and they had a Christmas table laid out with a neatly stacked pyramid of Christmas puddings. It is September. I feel like it’s a little premature for anyone to be getting excited about Christmas and the hard boiled cakes that will eventually outlive us all. Nevertheless, as knitters and crocheters we have an excuse. Presents pile up and life flies by and personally, I don’t want to spend the week leading up to the big day with my hands in permanent gridlock (again). So over the next few months I’m going to share the patterns and ideas I’ve been eyeing off, trying to avoid those that seem too costly or time consuming. 

Today I’ve got a few crochet and knitting patterns for around the home.

Crochet clock by Ooty Yaacobi (C)

'It's okay' garland, created by user Rebekahwithak from the pattern Alphabet A-D by Frankie Brown (K) (Free, and can obviously be used to create whichever phrase you like)

Pillow clamshell by Sol Maldonado (K)

Pineapple tea cosy by Tea and Craft (C) (Free)

Mountain peak pillow by Courtney Spainhower (K)

Granny circle placemats by Purl Soho (C) (Free)


Wes Anderson Inspired Color Palette Collection - hand carded spinning fiber batts

Yes, yes to all of these. I would literally learn to spin for the sole purpose of acquiring this as yarn.
(Edit: Some people have been asking where to buy these. They were originally from 222 Handspun. They’re not currently listed but the seller information indicates that requests are taken from time to time for the particularly keen spinner.)
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Knitted accessories in action!

Our trip to NZ was an absolute blast. Queenstown is more beautiful than words could ever attempt to describe. I have been many places in my little life and it is far and away the most scenic.

It was so much fun that my (very limited) down time was spent lying on a bed, usually drunk and/or in a food coma, so not much knitting. I’ll be catching up on my projects this week.

Pictured is the Avery scarf, the Braided headband and the Cinder scarf.

I will be travelling on Jetstar to New Zealand today and I am very confused about baggage restrictions.

Knitting needles were removed from the list of prohibited items departing Australia in 2009. On a Facebook post, a woman asked Jetstar directly if she could knit on their flights without having her needles confiscated and they replied saying that if they made it through security, which was likely, it would be okay. On the other hand, the Jetstar website explicitly states that knitting needles are not allowed in cabin baggage.

Urgh! I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have any experience flying internationally from Australia with Jetstar (or another airliner) with on board knitting needles?

EDIT: I packed 4mm circular needles and they were cleared through national and international security. There was no mention of my use of them on the plane itself.


Mork knitting.

Opaque  by  andbamnan